Requirements and acknowledgements

This is a natural place for acknowledging the invaluable contribution by the tools/packages listed below, with a special thanks to CDO 2015: Climate Data Operators. Available at:

  • Python version 2.7, with one NetCDF package (either Scientific.IO.NetCDF, or NETCDF4 or
  • ImageMagick (modules : convert, identify) ; this is usually included in Linux distributions
  • nco (ncatted, ncdump, ncwa, ncrcat)
  • cdo
  • Ncl 6.3.0 (Ncl >= 6.1.2 may work, nevertheless)
  • Data files must be CF compliant
  • exiv2 (Image metadata manipulation tool); exiv2 is a program to read and write Exif, IPTC, XMP metadata and image comments.
  • epstopdf (to make multiplot in pdf format with cpage_pdf)


Special requirement for building or modifying CliMAF documentation :

  • Sphinx :
    • executable ‘sphinx-build’
    • package sphinxcontrib.napoleon