ccdfmean : computes the mean value of the field (on full space domain, weighted)

Computes the mean value of the field (on full space domain, weighted). This is the wrapping around the native cdfmean operator assuming its usage is:

cdfmean  IN-file IN-var T|U|V|F|W **[imin imax jmin jmax kmin kmax]**
... **[-full]** [-var] [-zeromean]

CliMAF optional arguments are the ones between ‘**’

If a spatial window is specified, the mean value is computed only in this window. See also:

  • ccdfmean_profile for getting a horizontal mean for each level for 3D fields
  • ccdfvar to compute the spatial variance of the variable

References :

Provider / contact : climaf at meteo dot fr for the wrapping

Inputs (in the order of CliMAF call):

  • any dataset (but only one)

Mandatory argument:

  • pos_grid : position of cdfvar on the C-grid : T|U|V|F|W

Optional arguments:

  • imin, imax, jmin, jmax, kmin, kmax : for defining spatial windows
  • opt : may be used to pass key -full (compute the mean for full steps, instead of default partial steps)

Required files: Files,, must be in the current directory (use fixed_fields() for that; see example below).


  • main output : a netcdf file (variable : mean_3D_cdfvar)

Climaf call example:: For more examples which are systematically tested, see

>>> # How to get required files for Cdftools cdfmean binary
>>> fixed_fields('ccdfmean',
 ... ('',    '/data/climaf/${project}/${model}/'),
 ... ('','/data/climaf/${project}/${model}/'),
 ... ('','/data/climaf/${project}/${model}/'))
>>> duo=ds(simulation="PRE6CPLCr2alb", variable="uo", period="199807", realm="O") # some dataset, with whatever variable
>>> my_cdfmean=ccdfmean(duo,pos_grid='U')
>>> cfile(my_cdfmean) # to compute the mean value and get a filename with the result
>>> my_cdfmean2=ccdfmean(duo,pos_grid='U',opt='-full')
>>> cfile(my_cdfmean2)
>>> my_cdfmean3=ccdfmean(duo,pos_grid='U',imin=100,imax=102,jmin=117,jmax=118,kmin=1,kmax=2)
>>> cfile(my_cdfmean3)

Implementation: The operator is implemented as a binary using cdftools cdfmean operator.