ml2pl : interpolates a field from model levels to pressure levels

Returns a field on pressure levels.

Only available on Ciclad at IPSL (for the moment).

Provider / contact : Lionel Guez (LMD) for climaf at meteo dot fr

Input : a variable (CliMAF dataset) you want to interpolate and a pressure field (CliMAF dataset) with the same dimensions

The user can set a custom set of pressure levels by providing them with fixed_fields via a txt file (see press_levels.txt in scripts/ for an example)

Mandatory argument:


Output : the difference

Climaf call example

>>> ds_ua= .... #some dataset, with whatever variable
>>> ds_pres= .... #some other, compatible dataset
>>> ua_on_preslev=ml2pl(ds_ua,ds_pres)

Side effects : only available on Ciclad

Implementation : using the binary /data/guez/build/Ml2pl/ml2pl