regridn : regrid an object to a named grid

Interpolate the object to another grid, using CDO

References :

Provider / contact : climaf at meteo dot fr

Inputs (in the order of CliMAF call):
  • any dataset (but only one)
Mandatory arguments:
Optional arguments:
  • option : interpolation option (cf. CDO doc); default : ‘remapbil’ for bilinear interpolation

Output : the interpolated object

Climaf call example

>>> ds= .... #some dataset, with whatever variable
>>> remapbil_ds=regridn(ds,cdogrid="r180x90")  # Target Grid is 2°x2° - interpolation is bilinear
>>> remapcon2_ds=regridn(ds,cdogrid="n127", option="remapcon2") # Target Grid is Gaussian - interpolation is 2nd order conservative

Side effects : None

Implementation : standard CDO calls (remapgrid)