Future steps and wish list

The next developments will adress, possibly in that order :

  • adding graphic operators or features :
    • vectors on scalar fields
    • Hoevmoeller diagram
    • Taylor diagram
  • interfacing the Drakkar community CDFtools
  • managing masks (e.g. for ocean, tropics, lakes, oceanic basins …)
  • handling geographical domains which are lists of locations
  • chunking : automatically splitting e.g. the time dimension when processing a dataset (provided memory issues actually call for that)
  • further cache management functions : - add a grading scheme on cache results : a value is set by the user, and used as a criterion to protect some data when cleaning the cache - use a hierarchy of cache locations, some being shared among various users
  • figure pages sharing a single, common palette

The wish list, is the list of features wich priority is lesser; you may complement it by sending suggestions to climaf at meteo dot fr :

  • use CliMAF as a data browser
  • develop a fast remapping operator (provided there is some evidence that CDO reampping was sub-optimal)
  • add to every result file some metadata regarding the basic data files used at the origin of all processing : creation date, version number if applicable
  • a built-in arithmetics on datasets
  • manage operators which provide multi-variable NetCDF files