Contributing changes for integration in CliMAF

This section is still a draft :

  • When contributing to the documentation or for a standard operator (by providing a script), please prepare your changes according to ..contribute a diagnostic module and ..contribute to improve CliMAF documentation

  • When writing Python code for CliMAF core, docstrings should stick to Google-style docstring coding standard ; you may also consider other Google-style coding standards

  • You may propose your changes to :

    • By providing a tar file of a modified climaf installation directory. You may include unchanged files in the tar file, but please discard useless new files. You may wish to exclude the (quite big) data samples and other useless material using exclude patterns in the tar command, as in:

      tar cf climaf.tar --exclude=AMIPV6*nc --exclude=tas*nc --exclude=.git --exclude=_build climaf --exclude=*.pyc climaf
    • If you use the git source code versioning system :
      • If you have access to CNRM’s Lustre and have your CliMAF git repository there : by comitting your changes to this repository and sending the repository location and the commit number to ‘climaf at meteo dot fr’
      • If you can consider using GitHub : by creating your own CliMAF repository through the ‘fork’ GitHub feature, pushing your changes to that repository, and later on sending a ‘Pull request’. See the workflow description at (from step 3)