ccdo_ens : sk invoke CDO with a unary operator on an ensemble of datasets

Apply a CDO ensemble operator on on an ensemble of datasets (build with eds or cens) or an ensemble of objects

References :

Provider / contact : climaf at meteo dot fr

Input : any object or dataset

Mandatory argument:

  • operator : a CDO operator dedicated to process an ensemble (as e.g. ensavg, ensmax …)

Output : the result of CDO operator

Climaf call example

>>> ens = eds(....) #an ensemble of datasets
>>> ens_avg = ccdo_ens(ens,operator='ensavg')

Side effects : none

Implementation : using cscript(‘ccdo_ens’,’cdo ${operator} ${mmin} ${out}’)

Note : because the choice of operator is left to the user, CliMAF assumes that the output has squeezed dimension(s) over time or space (and hence will not attempt to re-use this output for extracting a sub-period or sub-domain)