cepscrop : crop eps figures to their minimal size

Remove empty margins, i.e. extra white space, of an input EPS figure. The resulting output figure has the minimal size needed for the content and is therefore suitable for inclusion as a graphic.

References :

Provider / contact : climaf at meteo dot fr

Inputs : any figure object (but only one)

Mandatory arguments: none

Optional arguments:
  • none

Output : the EPS cropped figure

Climaf call example:

>>> cdef("frequency","monthly")
>>> cdef("period","198001")
>>> tas=ds(project="example", simulation="AMIPV6ALB2G", variable="tas")
>>> fig=plot(tas,title="title",format="eps")
>>> cshow(fig)
>>> cropped_fig=cepscrop(fig) # some figure object
>>> cshow(cropped_fig)

Side effects : none

Implementation : This script first converts ‘eps’ figure in ‘pdf’ figure using ‘epstopdf’, then crops extra white space using ‘pdfcrop’ and finally converts this cropped ‘pdf’ figure in ‘eps’ file using ‘pdftops’